Eliza Howard Fulton
Born: 14 Mar 1810
Born Where: NJ
Died: 27 Jan 1893
Died Where: Titusville, PA
Father: ? Howard
Mother: ?
Spouse 1: ? Powell
Marriage Date: abt 1830
Married Where: NJ
Known Children: Mary Powell Ferris Collins, Joseph Powell and George F. C. Powell
Spouse 2: Samuel Fulton
Marriage Date: abt 1844
Married Where: PA
Known Children: Sarah (Sallie) J. Fulton Edgett, Apheanen (Effie) Fulton and David Fulton
General info:
Most records put Eliza's birth place at Camden, NJ and she may have other family connections there (though one family record indicates that she was born in New Orleans, LA). Eliza married a man named Powell at a fairly young age, probably around 1830. The circumstances of this marriage are unknown. Eliza and Mr. Powell had three known children: Mary (b: abt 1830), Joseph (b: abt 1833), and George (b: 1836).
Mary Powell (see picture, lower right) first married a man named Ferris and had a son named Benjamin. When Mr. Ferris died she married James Collins and had several more children. Mary Powell Ferris Collins lived VA and then ended up in Battle Creek, NE (where she died in 1920). Joseph Powell later moved to Chesapeake Bay, MD where he had a peach orchard. We have not found any other record of Joseph Powell.
George F. C. Powell (b: 08 Feb 1836 Gloucester, NJ, d: 09 Apr 1916, Titusville, PA) and family stayed with Eliza (or she with them) from North Carolina and on into Pennsylvania. George Powell, married Mazie Tolliver (b: 07 Feb 1843, d: 01 Jan 1916) on 14 Apr 1860 in NC. According to the "History of Venango County, Pennsylvania" (pg. 625) George Powell's father moved the family to Philadelphia about 1839 and George lived there for 9 years. What happened to his father, the elder Mr. Powell, is unknown. Given the arrival of Samuel Fulton on the scene, Powell must have been gone or deceased by 1843.
It appears that Eliza and Samuel Fulton met and were married about 1843 in Philadelphia, PA, as that is where the oldest daughter Sarah was born about 1844. They must have then moved to New Jersey where 2nd daughter Apheanen (Effie) was born about 1848. By 1849 Eliza and Samuel had moved to Wadesboro, NC where David was born in 1850. Samuel briefly (2-3 years) ran a newspaper and a tannery there, before going bankrupt. A family story says Samuel went looking for a job around 1852-1853 and never returned.
Having lost Samuel and the family homestead, Eliza loaded up the farm wagon with Sarah Fulton, Effie Fulton, David Fulton, George Powell, Mary Powell Ferris, and Benjamin Ferris, and moved to a farm in Alleghany County, NC (we don't have the exact location). Several Collins family appear with the Fultons in the 1860 Alleghany County Census, including Benjamin's stepfather James Collins who married Mary Powell Ferris in 1853.
Sarah (Sally) J. Fulton had a son named Ellis David Fulton (b: 1862 in Alleghany County, NC) through a marriage to a man named Mr. Mains (Maynes). Ellis came along with his mother Sarah on the Fulton family's travels from NC to Eastern PA to Western PA. He or his mother apparently decided that he would use his mother's maiden name of Fulton as his surname. Ellis married Nancy Lyman in Titusville, and had three sons, Howard E. (worked for the Cleveland News), Frank E. (was the Titusville city electrician), and Lawrence who died early at age 3. Sarah J. Fulton later married Louis K. Edgett, and had 9 more children: Louis, Minnie (Johnson), Cecil, Sarah (Burdick), Effie (Le Count), George, Kate, Gertrude (Howland), and Anna (Leigh).
George Powell was a Confederate soldier (enlisted as a Private on 27 May 1861 at the age of 24 in Company F, 22nd Infantry Regiment North Carolina). Wounded In Action at Frayser's Farmer, VA on 20 Jun 1862, returned to duty prior to 31 Oct 1862. He reportedly deserted from the Confederate Army 21 May 1864 at Cumberland Gap, TN and took an Amnesty Oath at Camp Nelson. According to his service record he had a dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, and was 5 foot 11 inches tall.
Mazie Tolliver Powell was probably living with Eliza H. Fulton in Alleghany, NC while George was at war. George's and Mazie's children were Alice Powell (b: abt 1862), Grainfield Powell (b: abt 1864), Effie Powell (b: abt 1867), Cynthia Powell (b: abt 1868), and George D. H. Powell (b: abt 1870 in Titusville, PA), Mary Powell (b: abt 1871), Mazy I. Powell (b: abt 1876), Phebe A. Powell (b: abt 1878), Delia P. Powell (b: 1880). George F. C.'s and wife Mazie's last residence found was at 89 W. Mount Vernon St. in Titusville, PA in a 1916 city directory.
The Fulton "tribe" went to Philadelphia, probably about 1864-1865. Then according to her son David's obituary, the Fultons (and Powells) moved again to Titusville, PA in 1867, late-comers to the oil boom there. They built a homestead in Boughton, PA, about one mile south of the Drake's oil well in Cherrytree. The house was very close to the WNY & PA railroad tracks.
Eliza appears in two 1870 Censuses, in different but nearby towns. She is living with son David Fulton in the 1880 Census. We now have Eliza's obituary of 28 Jan 1893 and funeral notice of 30 Jan 1893. Her date of death was 27 Jan 1893. We haven't located her gravesite yet. We hope to learn more from genealogy resources in Titusville, PA.
Eliza's daughter Effie never married because her intended husband died in the Army. She lived with the Fulton family group until her death on 03 Oct 1920. She is buried next to her brother David (location B23) in the Greenwood Cemetery in Titusville.
1850 Census: Wadesboro, NC
1860 Census: Alleghany, NC
1870 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1870a Census: Also in Oilcreek, PA
1880 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1893 Death Record: Cherrytree, PA
Eliza Howard Fulton, about 1891
Eliza Howard Fulton, about 1891, enlarged from a group photo (Picture courtesy of Susan Fulton Vaughn)
Mary Powell and Husband
Mary Powell (Eliza's daughter) and husband James Collins (Picture courtesy of Susan Fulton Vaughn)
Gravesite: A Cemetery, Titusville, PA; Lot No.: ; Section: ; Grave: