Sarah Jane Fulton
Born: Jul 1843
Born Where: PA
Died: 16 Nov 1919
Died Where: Titusville, PA
Mother: Eliza Howard
Spouse 1: ? Mains/Maynes
Marriage Date: abt 1862
Married Where: NC
Known Children: Ellis D. Fulton
Spouse 2: Louis K. Edgett, b: 02 May 1852 PA; d: 11 Oct 1934 AL
Marriage Date: abt 1871
Married Where: PA
Known Children: Louis Stevens Edgett, Minnie F. Edgett (Johnson), Cecil Isaac Edgett, Sarah Eliza Edgett (Burdick), Effie Marie Edgett (Le Count), George Ernest Edgett, Kate E. Edgett, Gertrude Mazie Edgett (Howland), Anna May Edgett (Leigh)
General info:
Sarah (Sally) J. Fulton was born in Philadelphia, PA. She was the first child of Samuel and Eliza Howard Fulton. We don't know much about her childhood. At the age of 19 Sarah had a son named Ellis David Fulton (b: 1862 in Alleghany County, NC) through a marriage to a man named Mr. Mains or Maynes. The marriage to Mains/Maynes must have been of short duration. Her son Ellis came along with his mother on the Fulton family's travels from NC to Eastern PA to Western PA. He or his mother apparently decided that he would use his mother's maiden name of Fulton as his surname. In Titusville Ellis would marry Nancy Lyman, and have three sons, Howard E. (worked for the Cleveland News), Frank E. (was the Titusville city electrician), and Lawrence who died early at age 3. There are living descendents of Ellis D. Fulton still in Titusville.
Sarah J. Fulton later married Louis K. Edgett (about 1871), and had 9 more children: Louis S., Minnie (Johnson), Cecil, Sarah (Burdick), Effie (Le Count), George, Kate, Gertrude (Howland), and May (Leigh). She was a member of the Salvation Army for thirty-two years and was well known and highly regarded. She resided in the Titusville area for fifty-two years. After Sarah's death in 1919, Louis stayed with Gertrude and Sidney Howland and eventually moved to Creola, Mobile, Alabama with them. When Louis died in 1934 his body was apparently sent back to Titusville for burial next to Sarah.
Louis K. Edgett, Sidney Howland and Gertrude Edgett Howland
Louis K. Edgett, Sidney Howland and Gertrude Edgett Howland, date unknown
(Picture courtesy of Susan Fulton Vaughn)
1850 Census: Wadesboro, NC
1860 Census: Alleghany, NC
1870 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1880 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1900 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1910 Census: Cherrytree, PA
1919 Death Record: Titusville, PA
Sarah J. Fulton and Louis K. Edgett, about 1914
Sarah J. Fulton and Louis K. Edgett, about 1914
(Picture courtesy of Clarence D. Fulton)
Sarah J. Fulton Edgett and Family
Sarah Fulton Edgett & Family at Drake Well Monument
Sarah in the back, Gertrude & Sidney Howland (couple in front left), others unknown but probably more Edgett children (Picture courtesy of Susan Fulton Vaughn)
Image: Effie Marie Edgett as a baby
Effie Marie Edgett as a baby (Picture courtesy of V. Rice)
Gravesite: Woodlawn Cemetery, Titusville, PA; Lot No.: ; Section: ; Grave: (back, left section near drive path)