Stephen Farnsworth Locke & Family Group
This is a picture of Stephen Farnsworth Locke's extended family on the front porch of 223 Spruce Street, Titusville, PA., Circa Fall 1906.
See numbers on individuals and compare to chart below.
1Stephen Farnsworth Locke 11Joseph Floyd Caldwell 21Otto W. Ricke
2Mary Esther (Ashley) Locke 12George Barr Locke 22Stephen Kent Lang
3Claude Eugene (Calkins) Locke 13George Kenneth Locke 23Mazie Ashley (Locke) Lang
4Clarence David Fulton 14George Ashley 24George Lang
5Florence Sarah Caldwell 15Marie Ashley 25Josephine Thelma Lang
6Louis Dunmeyer Locke 16Edna Ashley 26Joseph C. Caldwell
7Ora Ardaray Eicher 17Mike Ashley 27Mabel Emma (Locke) Caldwell
8Paul Locke Caldwell 18Minnie Ashley 28Maude Ora Locke Fulton
9Sarah Davis (Locke) Eicher 19Hannah Locke Ricke 29Joseph Newton Fulton
10Edith May Eicher 20Otto Merle Ricke  
(Picture courtesy of Evelyn Fulton Volkert)