Stengel Family
This Web site section contains information about the lives and adventures of the Stengel family, their children, grand children, and other descendants.
Conrad and Wilhelmina Stengel 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1909
Conrad and Wilhelmina Stengel's 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1909
  • First Row L-R: Otto Retter, Christine Stengel Retter, Conrad John Stengel (holding grandson Herman Retter), Wilhelmina Nagel Stengel (holding grandson Alfred Retter), Louis Stengel and his wife Elizabeth Flick Stengel
  • Middle Row L-R: Ruth Nagel (little girl - granddaughter of William Nagel), Dora Nagel, Mrs. ?, Grandma Retter (mother of Otto Retter), Rev. Herman Retter (officiated at this celebration, he's the brother of Otto Retter), Lillian Stengel, Dora Stengel, Kathryn Stengel, Minnie Stengel
  • Top Row L_R: William Nagel, Elizabeth Nagel, Katherine Eckert, Louis Nagel, Lina Nagel, Carrie Heinrich, Mrs. Benning, Conrad William Stengel
(Picture courtesy of Evelyn Fulton Volkert)
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