Maude Ora Locke Fulton
Born: 20 Jul 1876
Born Where: Titusville, PA
Died: 07 Feb 1961
Died Where: Delevan, NY
Father: Stephen Farnsworth Locke
b: 09 Mar 1846 Lyman, NH; d: 02 Sep 1928 Titusville, PA
Mother: Mary Esther Ashley
b: 10 Aug 1851 Guy Mills, PA; d: 31 Dec 1919 Dorsett, OH
Spouse: Joseph Newton Fulton
b: 01 Jul 1873 Titusville, PA; d: 08 Oct 1917 Tulsa, OK
Marriage Date: 20 Jul 1892
Married Where: Titusville, PA
Spouse 2: Robert Swartwood
b: ; d:
Marriage Date:
Married Where:
General info:
Maude Ora Locke, was born in Titusville, PA on 20 Jul 1876. Her parents were Stephen F. and Mary Ashley Locke. She married Joseph Newton Fulton on her 16th birthday, 20 Jul 1892, inTitusville. Maude apparently had her eye on Joseph Fulton from young age (14). She wrote in his autograph book the following:
As you are gliding down life's river,
In a little bark canoe,
May you have a jolly time,
Just room enough for two.
Your true friend,
Maude O. Locke - Nov. 10, 1890
Maude and Joseph seemed to have an idyllic marriage but they only had one child, Clarence David Fulton, born 20 Mar 1894. They were married for 29 years. Joseph's employment was in the oil industry and later in the automotive field. They moved to South Buffalo early in 1901. There Joe opened a service station for early cars such as the one cylinder Cadillac's, Oldsmobile's; two cylinder Reo's; & two-cylinder Fords. Maude kept house and cared for Clarence.
She really must have been a supportive wife, as fairly late in life, Joseph closed the auto repair station in Buffalo and went off on a new venture. He traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to help open a gasoline refinery there. Unfortunately her Joseph died there in Tulsa in 1917 after contracting typhoid fever.
Maude moved in with her son Clarence for a few years. But apparently Locke women like having a partner around the house. So she married Robert Swartwood and lived out her later years in Delavan, NY. She was affectionately know to the family as 'great Nana.' Maude passed on 07 Feb 1961.
1880 Census: Titusville, PA
1900 Census: Buffalo, NY
1910 Census: Buffalo, NY
1920 Census: Buffalo, NY
1930 Census: Buffalo, NY
1961 Death Record: Delevan, NY
image: Maude Ora Locke Fulton
Maude Ora Locke Fulton
(Picture courtesy of Kathy Mieczkowski)
image: Joseph and Maude Fulton
Joseph and Maude Fulton
(Picture courtesy of Kathy Mieczkowski)
image: Maude Ora Locke Fulton in later life
Maude Ora Locke Fulton, in later life (1959), holding unknown baby (Picture courtesy of Kathy Mieczkowski)
Gravesite: Evergreen Circle, Buffalo Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY; Lot No.: ; Section: ; Grave: