Delila Wellman Millard
Born: 19 Apr 1828
Born Where: Ashville, NY
Died: 25 Nov 1902
Died Where: Titusville, PA
Father: Barnabus Wellman III
b: 16 Sep 1793 Killingworth, CT; d: 19 or 28 Sep 1865 NY
 (DOD/POD not confirmed yet)
Mother: Pamelia Bullock
b: 14 Sep 1798 CT; d: 17 Mar 1874 Ashville, NY
Spouse 1: Israel Millard
b: 1817; d: after 1860
Marriage Date: 03 Dec 1844
Married Where: Ashville, NY
Spouse 2: Seymour Washington Millard
b: 09 Oct 1830; d: 31 Mar 1904 Titusville, PA
Marriage Date: est 1863
Married Where: Ashville, NY
Known Children:
  • with Israel:
    Pamelia Lamira b: 27 Dec 1845; d: 13 Apr 1890
    Eliza Adisah b: 11 Aug 1849; d: 08 Jan 1914
    Newton Fillmore b: 23 Dec 1853; d: 16 Feb 1872
     (run over by a train while working in a pail factory in Corry, PA)
    Malvina Malissa b: 05 Sep 1855; d: 14 Jun 1943
    May Flavia b: 01 Mar 1859; d: 1900
    Manford Moris b: 11 Feb 1861; d: 09 May 1866
     (drowned in Oil Creek, Titusville, PA)
  • with Seymour:
    Luther Fremont b: 25 Apr 1864; d: 30 Jan 1865
    Arby Evermont (Everett) b: 28 Nov 1865; d: 05 Jan 1957
    Oliver Resenus b: 04 Mar 1868; d: 29 May 1965 OK
    Seymour Morin b: 04 Mar 1870; d: 21 Apr 1934
    Lewis Barnabus b: 04 Mar 1872; d:
General info:
Delila Wellman was born in the Ashville, Town of Busti, Chautauqua County, New York State. Delila was the 6th child of Barnabus Wellman III and Pamelia Bullock, and spent her early years in the Ashville/Harmony, NY area. Delila's grandmother was Dorcas Tabitha Cody Bullock who is our blood line connection to wild west legend and showman Buffalo Bill Cody.
Delila's first husband, Israel Millard was 11 years older than she. He appears to have orignally come from Hinsdale, Cataraugus County, NY, but they likely met in or near Three Rivers, MI. Their first daughter Pamelia was born in MI according to the censuses. The Wellman family had also been in that area of MI. We found some land grant documents indicating that a Israel Millard (probably Israel Millard, Sr. 1790-1862) had bought 100 acres of land in Bronson, MI in 1838; and a Israel Millard (possibly Israel Millard, Jr. 1817-?) 160 acres in Ionia, MI in 1869. We don't know when or where Israel Jr. died, but it may have been in Bronson, MI.
Delila's second husband was Seymour Washington Millard. We thought Delila married Seymour after Israel passed on or left. The 1900 Census has her married to Seymour as of 1853 but Israel was listed as living in the same house in the 1860 census. Based on the 1853 marriage date the children from Newton on should be from Delila and Seymour. But other sources say that at least Newton and Malvina were from Delila and Israel.
Also the story is that Israel left to fight in the Civil War, after a couple years was thought to be dead and may have been declared dead. So Seymour married Delila. Then Israel came back later (abt 1864) to find that things had changed. In that case it would make more sense for Delila's and Seymour's marriage date to be 1863. Then the children from Luther on would be Seymour's and may explain the 3 year gap between Manford and Luther. Delila, Seymour and children moved to Titusville in 1865 where Seymour became involved in the oil industry.
Delila passed on in 1902 and is buried in a grave with no visible headstone in the Roden Cemetery on a wooded hillside north of the Drake Oil Well site in Cherrytee, PA. Seymour W. Millard is also buried at Roden. The Roden cemetery is covered with typical woods debris and leaves, with a fallen tree nearby, and the iron pipe fence is broken down, obviously not maintained. There may be other flat headstones but they would probably be covered up. Eliza Roden's marker is the only visible headstone, and it is broken.
Thanks to our Millard cousins we now have a picture of Delila and Seymour. But we are still in search of a picture of Israel.
1830: Ashville, NY?
1840: Michigan?
1850 Census: Harmony, NY
1860 Census: Ashville, NY
1870 Census: Cherrytree, Venango, PA
1880 Census: Richland, Clarion, PA
1900 Census: Titusville, PA
1902 Death Record: Titusville, PA
Delila Wellman Millard
Delila Wellman Millard
(Picture courtesy of Jerry & Georgia Millard)
Seymour Washington Millard - Delila's 2nd husband
Seymour Washington Millard - Delila's 2nd husband
(Picture courtesy of Jerry & Georgia Millard)
Delila Wellman Millards Gravesite
Delila Wellman Millard's (and Seymour's) gravesite in Roden Cemetery on a wooded hillside north of the Drake Oil Well site in Cherrytee, PA. (Picture courtesy of Ruth Oberg 08 Sep 2008)
Gravesite: Roden Cemetery, unmarked on hill north of the Drake Oil Well; Lot No.: ?; Section: ?; Grave: ?